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Oh georgina! 

I was at the club on that day and this hot dance/model/seducer went all away to pampanga just to party.. I had the chance to take a picture with her, and what’s more awesome is the chance to kiss a girl. not just a girl but a HOT MOCHA member..oh! georgina knight you’re my first kiss..hahaha

with my frends clubbing at XO ..

thanks lina and ak :)

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photobooth! hehe

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I want to have that someone who’ll deal with my bullshit, my laziness, my immaturity, my childishness, my mood-swings, my bad temper, my stupid comments about things, my weirdness and my annoying habits. I want that someone to be the reason why I smile even though He’s also the reason why I’m sad. I want that someone who’ll come to me, hold me and tell me, “Shhh. Baby, everything’s going to be alright.” I want to be with that someone who’ll make me feel that I am me. That someone who can accept me for me. That I can be myself when I’m with him. Because these bad things about me make me who I am.

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life is full of surprises!!


grabe napagdiskitahan ni trixie ang buhok ko! may hang over kasi ng need for speed eh!! hahaha

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thursDATE with teriboo..jan 14 daw kami huli nagkita..sorry my gFren busy eh..hahaha :)


after ilang years nameet din kita, sa jeep nga lang..hehe hope to have more time with you :)

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boy, im obsessed with you <3..

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