He was the first one I saw

I think he’s the only one I see

all I can feel is the pain

I dont want this anymore

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Posted 2 weeks ago

pareho lang tayo takot masaktan

kaya nagawa natin yung mga yun

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Posted 2 weeks ago

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10 things you should give up to be happy


1. Give up your need to always be right.

2. Give up your need for control.

3. Give up blame.

4. Give up your self-defeating self-talk, and your limiting beliefs.

5. Give up complaining.

6. Give up your need to impress others.

7. Give up your resistance to change.

8. Give up your fears.

9. Give up your excuses.

10. Give up on living your life to fit other peoples’ expectations.

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now watching :)
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Posted 3 months ago

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Oh georgina! 
I was at the club on that day and this hot dance/model/seducer went all away to pampanga just to party.. I had the chance to take a picture with her, and what’s more awesome is the chance to kiss a girl. not just a girl but a HOT MOCHA member..oh! georgina knight you’re my first kiss..hahaha
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Posted 4 months ago

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